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All our prices are shown in mexican pesos.


All our facilities are available as a per day accommodation to all public.

Hotel Accommodation includes the following services: Daily cleaning with
cable TV, wireless internet and the use of car parking, pool and gardens.

Room per day fees

With taxes*
Single (1 person)
(1 double bed)

$ 450.00 MN
Double (2 people)
(2 single beds or  1
double bed)

$ 570.00 MN
Triple (3 people)
(1 double bed and 1 single bed)

$ 660.00 MN
*All accommodation services will include a 19% of taxes, mandatory by the Mexican law.


We offer a monthly package (with a maximum stay of two months ), ideal for
students who come to summer courses. This option does not requires any

Note : We only have available a limited number of rooms to be booked as a
monthly option. In summer the demand is higher so it is recommendable to book
with anticipation.

Price for one month of accomodation

-Single Room ( 1 person)
$ 3,300.00 MXP

-1 Car Parking space
- Cable  TV
-Internet (Wi-Fi)
-A Weekly cleaning of the room with change of bedding.


We offer monthly rents to students who need a temporary accommodation in
their academic activities. This is an exclusive service for students and their
academic status must be accredited with an official ID and a student ID to
access to this option.

For this monthly students rents we don’t accept reservations via phone or

All spaces are furnished and the basic services (water, gas, electricity, security
and Wi-Fi ) are included.

This service requires a 3 month minimum stay, and an initial deposit of the 50%
of the fee for one month of the chosen accommodation.  This deposit will be
returnable at the end of your stay, if the accommodation is in an optimal

In the exceptional case that you have to leave the accommodation before the
minimum 3 month-stay, the Meson will charge a fee that represents a 30% of the
deposit per each month that the minimum stay was not met.

Individual Rooms

We offer rooms for one person that includes its private bathroom, a closet, one
single bed and 2 desks.

We offer the use of common spaces to cook, including 2 fully equipped kitchens
that are shared with other tenants in the building.

The monthly fee includes:
-Hot Water 24 hours
-Internet (Wi-Fi)
-The use of the common pool and gardens.

The basic service of an individual room for students has a cost of
$ 1,800 per


The bungalows are facilities with a bigger space that an individual room. It is an
ideal accommodation for a couples and it is available for 1 or a maximum of 2
persons. We offered different sizes of bungalows (see some images). All of the
bungalows include a bedroom,
a kitchen, a dining room and /or sitting room and a private bathroom. All the
spaces are furnished.

Payments included:

-Hot Water 24 hours
-Internet (Wi-Fi)
-Common use of the pool and gardens

The rates depend on the size of the bungalow and the most basic cost is of             
$ 2,400 per month.


The apartment accommodation is a larger space than the bungalow. They are
ideal for college and graduate students. An apartment can be rented by 1 up to a
maximum of 3 persons.

As the bungalows, there are different sizes of apartments. All of the apartments
includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen/dining room and one bathroom. All
of them are furnished.

Payments included:
-Hot Water 24 hours
-Internet In some departments (not all the apartments have Wi-Fi)
-Common use of the pool and gardens.

Rates are different depending on the size of each apartment. The basic one goes
$ 3,000 per month.


The suites are the most complete furnished spaces and are ideal for researchers.
The suite includes a furnished kitchen, a dining room, a living room, 2 bedrooms
and 1 bathroom. The use can be from 1 person until a maximum of 4 persons.

Payments included
-Hot Water 24 hours
-Internet (Wi-Fi)
-Common use of the pool and gardens.

The price rate is
$ 4,200 per month.

Additional costs for guests in monthly rent.

-Every space has the right to one parking lot for a fee of
$ 250.00 monthly.
-To Access to the parking lot, a remote control for the electric gate, can be
provided with a
deposit of
$ 500.00, that will be refundable at the end of the stay as long as the
control is delivered in good condition.

Single Room
Triple Room
Bungalow B

NOTE: The images shown here serve only as reference, space or distribution might change.
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